The MIT Model United Nations Conference (MITMUNC) is very proud to announce the first branch of our conference outside of the United States, MITMUNC China!

The second edition of MITMUNC China was held in Shanghai from Friday, August 24th through Sunday, August 26th, 2018 and consisted of six unique committees, each directed by MIT undergraduate students. All committee directors had previously chaired for our homegrown MITMUNC conference, held annually at MIT in the early spring, for one or more conferences, and had a great experience with this unique cross-cultural opportunity.

MITMUNC China is closely co-organized with ASDAN China. ASDAN is an educational non-profit based in the United Kingdom and offers international educational programs in China, Europe, North America. MITMUNC China will be a three-day conference and follow a similar schedule to our homegrown conference, but will follow the same rules and procedures.

Above all, MITMUNC China offers around 300 Chinese high school students across the Asian nation the opportunity to debate upon important international issues posing veritable challenges to the world today, such as the reality of climate change, cybersecurity, and refugee assistance in conflict zones.

MITMUNC China challenges its delegates to cooperate and perform their very best to develop feasible solutions to these diverse problems. MITMUNC China’s mission resonates very closely with the M.I.T. Campaign for a Better World, pursuing education, research, and innovation with a passion for serious impact.

We are thrilled on the renewal of this as an annual venture and all look forward to meeting the third group of MITMUNC China delegates come next August!


William A. Rodriguez & Madeline Zhang
MIT Class of 2018, MIT Class of 2020
Founder, Secretary-General
MITMUNC China 2018

ASDAN China Logo

The Secretariat of MITMUNC China 2018


Madeline Zhang

MITMUNC China 2018


William Rodriguez

Committee Director & Chair, Founder
International Monetary Fund


Karunya Sethuraman

Committee Director & Chair
Association of Southeast Asian Nations


Arjun Mithal

Committee Director & Chair
World Trade Organization


Emma Bernstein

Committee Director & Chair
European Union


Radha Mastandrea

Committee Director & Chair
International Atomic Energy Agency


Miller Tan

Committee Director & Chair
United Nations Environmental Programme

Conference Information

Dates and Location

August 24–26, 2018

Shanghai, China


Please visit ASDAN China's link for registration:

MITMUNC China Registration

For all concerns or questions, please contact the MITMUNC China Secretariat:

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